next.js vs react.js

Next.JS is a react framework built as an open-source on top of React library. It is created by vercel. Next.JS framework creates fast search engine optimize react applications with zero configuration. A traditional react application is rendered client-side where the browser starts with a shell of an HTML.

What can we build with Next.JS?

Companies like Vercel, Netflix, Hulu, Expo, etc are using Next.JS for their applications. Now, it motivates you to build your web apps with Next. Below are some of the features in which the Next.JS is useful for you:

SEO-friendly web applications: If you want your website to be on the top searches, then SEO can help you grow. The Next.JS provides you the best support for SEO, title, or keywords, which makes your website faster and results in top searches.

ReactJS is an open-source library built by Facebook for creating the best User Interfaces web applications. The library allows the developers to write code once and use it anywhere, anytime, and an unlimited no of times.

What can we build with ReactJS?

React is a very popular library as it has been built by Facebook. Airbnb, New York Times, Instagram, Whatsapp are using ReactJS in their tech stack. Below are some of the features in which is useful for you:

Social Media sites: Social media websites can be very difficult to build with any framework but using react.js can make your process faster as it uses reusable components and social media requires various features to be used multiple times.

News sites: The react can also build the news application very quickly with great features and UI.

Search Engine Optimisation: As Next.JS lets you build faster and more static web applications, while they also provided you the SEO and due to which the browsers make your web applications rank on top and get your website to first search pages.


Coding Speed: Talking about ReactJS, If you want to create pages for your web application, you need to first create components and then additionally add them to the router whereas using Next.JS can be very time saving for the developers.

Performance: If your web application is built with Next.JS, you will have to win the battle already because the features provided by the Next.JS are awesome like Server-side rendering and static sites as they increase the performance of the web application.

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