NETFLIX Data Landscope:

Netflix has more than ~300 million subscribers from 190+ countries. In addition, it processes trillions of events and petabytes of data daily to support daily business needs.

Netflix is a data-driven company. Data back almost all business decisions there. The Data Platform lies in the heart of the Platform Organization of Netflix, serving all the company’s data needs. They manage state-of-the-art infrastructures, services, and products and constantly innovate to support all their business needs at scale.

It uses a plethora of technologies at each layer :

Realtime Processing :

it is one of the key factors that enable Netflix to maintain its leading position in the competition of entertaining its users.

Kafka(Multi-tenant messaging as a service )
Flink (Stream Processing as a Service )

Netflix Mantis: Mantis is a platform to build an ecosystem of real-time stream processing applications, and provides the APIs to manage the life cycle of jobs (like deploy, update, and terminate).

Netflix KeyStone: Keystone Stream Processing Platform is Netflix’s data backbone and an essential infrastructure enabling engineering data-driven culture.

The Keystone platform offers two production services:

Data Pipeline: streaming enabled Routing Service, and Kafka enabled Messaging Service, together is, responsible for producing, collecting, processing, aggregating, and moving all microservice events in near real time.

Stream Processing as a Service (SPaaS): enables users to build & operate custom-managed stream processing applications, allowing them to focus on business application logic while the platform provides the scale, operations, and domain expertise.

Batch Processing:

Netflix extensively uses Spark to ETL data into the Petabytes-scale data warehouse and access that data using Spark and Presto/TrinoDB. It also provides sub-second latency for a specific class of queries using Druid.


Workflow :

Netflix Maestro: Data Workflow Orchestration platform to meet the current and future needs of Netflix. It is a general-purpose workflow orchestrator that provides a fully managed workflow-as-a-service (WAAS) to the data platform at Netflix.

Scheduler :

Netflix Meson: its registered as a Mesos framework, and manages the launch, flow control, and runtime of the various workflows. Meson delegates the actual resource scheduling to Mesos.


Data warehouse contains hundreds of Petabytes of data, and each day, they ingest and create additional Petabytes.

Elastic Search

Netflix’s data landscape is complex, and a monumental task and requires scalable architecture, robust design, a strong engineering team, and amazing cross-functional collaboration.


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