Google is adding a new text-to-speech feature to contact emergency services for its Pixel users which will alert the authorities of your location with just a single tap. The feature is aimed at helping people who are unable to communicate verbally because they are injured or in a dangerous situation or a speech impairment.

The feature is straightforward – it displays three additional buttons during an emergency call on the Phone app such as ‘Medical,’ ‘Fire’ or ‘Police’. When any of these features is pressed, a message will be sent to the authorities through an automated voice service that will tell the operator what kind of emergency the user is in, depending on the button you pressed. The feature works irrespective of data connection.

The message will also share a user’s location with the help of the phones GPS services and the plus code, which Google’s location label for places that don’t have a street address for better accuracy.

This feature is going to be available in the U.S. in a few months, starting with Pixel phones. It will also be available on other select Android devices. Google has been collecting feedback from public safety organizations to make this feature as helpful as possible.

Although there has been no news of this feature coming to India, it would be a great asset to the emergency services as it enables the people who are verbally impaired to contact emergency services on their own.

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