With .NET 7, Microsoft is bringing out some new features. Here is how it affects companies and programmers in the field of data.

Since performance is always an important factor there are some improvements in .NET 7. This concerns the Write-Xor-Execute mode, where the number of changes required after the created executable code has been significantly reduced.

.NET 7 brings your apps increased performance and new features for C# 11/F# 7.NET MAUIASP.NET Core/Blazor, Web APIs, WinFormsWPF and more. — Microsoft stated [1]

Performance is said to be 10 to 15 percent better :

[ 2]. This is of course interesting for all users, including Data Scientists and Data Engineers who use it. NET.

Another sensible step is that Microsoft wants to bundle the individual areas or libraries more and thus ensure faster success.

Microsoft wants you to reuse your skills with one SDK, one Runtime, and one set of base libraries to build many types of apps like Cloud, Web, Desktop, Mobile, Gaming, IoT, and AI in .NET 7 [1]. Some of them e.g. AI are the ones that should be interesting in the data world and in a Microsoft environment, especially for Data Scientists.

Microsoft also now provides you with built-in container support, due to the fact that many companies build their apps in containers. With a streamlined experience with .NET containers, Microsoft wants to ease the development of such applications.

This is also a feature that everyone should be happy about but also Data Scientists and Engineers as they may also use containers to run e.g. pipelines or AI services that are not covered by SaaS- solutions or should not be implemented with them due to data security issues. More about these features as well as other news can be found on the official site:

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