Indian IT major, Tech Mahindra has announced a new version of its Enterprise Artificial Intelligence (AI)

and Machine Learning (ML) platform. GAiA 2.0 offers advanced capabilities and services across mainstream, optimising enterprise operations in real-time.

The global tech firms have realigned their focus to generate more business from emerging technologies including AI, ML, and data science. Tech Mahindra’s GAiA 2.0 will help in strengthening company’s AI and ML capabilities. The v2.0 enables comprehensive services and an advanced marketplace of ML models and a number of new features. The tech firm plans to deploy these services across industry verticals to build, manage, share, and rapidly deploy AI and ML services.

GAiA 2.0 supports all the popular AI and ML frameworks including Python, Tensorflow, Keras, Sci-kit learn, H20-Java, and R. The company will offer professional help to its clients to deploy AI/ML solutions to fine-tune the AI solutions to meet the enterprise’s objectives. Tech Mahindra continues to design new GAiA features as part of its TechMNxt charter. The company will continue to design new features to leverage the next generation technologies.

Manish Vyas, President of Communications, Media & Entertainment Business and CEO, Network Services, Tech Mahindra said, “GAiA 2.0 is a reinvention based on insights and feedback received for the initial version. Tech Mahindra with proven expertise in leveraging digital technologies will help foster collaborative innovation by democratising AI and ML.”

The availability of vendor enterprise grade solution is key element to accelerate the adoption of AI. GAiA has partnered with various other AI projects to publish AI models and deploy AI applications for any vertical use case. The platform supports security, model scoring, integration of Jupiter notebook, AutoML, and new AI Deep Learning ONNX format.

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