We at Bencos believe in providing quality service in a pre-defined time frame to assist researchers plan their experiments and develop a productive research environment. As an extrapolation to our belief we have developed a simplified online platform to browse, compare and order regular services on a day-to-day basis. Engage, Explore and Experience are the 3E’s of Bencos offering!

Bencos Research Solutions is a leading life science research & healthcare service and solutions organization with over 50 customers across India within two years. Bencos serves over 20 life science research institutes and organizations, and enables them to build and implement a timely product oriented environment to enhance research output and interpretation, optimize sequence to data processes and accelerate innovation from bench to bed side.

Bencos provides deep Genomics domain knowledge, strong technology expertise through its partner organizations, compliance to world class quality and security standards, and a highly effective customer service interface. Our ability to consistently exceed client expectations and an unmatched cost advantage, enables us to have more than 95% client retention rate over the past 2 years!

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