Last month, Facebook confirmed the years of speculation around its new cryptocurrency Project Libra. Expected to be launched in 2020, the digital wallet app for Libra is also expected to be integrated with Facebook messenger and WhatsApp.

The company had to introduce a new programming language called Move to support its cryptocurrency ambitions.

Move is specifically designed to facilitate blockchain transactions. Developers can use the new programming language to build apps that will work seamlessly with Libra cryptocurrency. The idea behind developing an independent language is to allow apps to move Libra coins from one account to another without being misplaced or duplicated.

Ben Maurer, tech lead for the Libra-focused Facebook subsidiary, Calibra said, “One of the things that’s powerful about Move is it’s very expressive. Move can express things ranging from simple transactions like sending money to more complex transactions like how money is created and destroyed.”

The programming language is an open source project. Developers can start using the code to build and develop new services. The significant features of the programming language is that programs developed using it can never be copied. They can only be transferred among program storage locations. The security aspect of the language allows to execute important parts of Libra Protocol in Move. This includes Libra coin, validator management, and transaction processing.

In conversation with CoinDesk, Maurer said, “The reason why we built our own language is that we want to really focus on the flexibility of the blockchain over time. One of the key ways to do that is by having programmability inside of the blockchain. If you want to take advantage of new functionality or new techniques, you don’t have to wait for the entire network to upgrade. In existing blockchains, there are a lot of issues with writing code securely. The Move language is built with safety being a key principle of the design.”

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