Are you still stuck with a paper-based assessment method for evaluating the skills of technical profiles? Think again!

Hiring tech talent adept at handling new and emerging technologies is one of the biggest challenges faced by companies today. One of the key reasons is the fact that there exists a serious talent crunch in technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Data Science, Machine Learning, etc.

Another top challenge faced by technical recruiters is related to the assessment of the job applicants in tech roles. The fact that technical recruiters need to deal with numerous job applicants as against the limited open positions often drives them into a templated response evaluation mode where they have a one-size-fits-all paper-based evaluation process for every candidate.

Hiring employees for tech roles based on paper-based assessment would only deliver mediocre talent, people who would eventually hamper your project deliverables. The Project Management Institute (PMI) in its 2018 report titled ‘Pulse of the Profession’, mentions how too much money is being wasted on poor project performance, for many reasons. As per PMI, one of the important causes of project failures is People as explained in this extract from their blog post:

“A project team made up of higher-paid people with the right specialized skills is worth more per dollar than a group of lower-cost people who need weeks or months of training before they can start to be productive.”

Assessing the technical skills of a potential hire, therefore, becomes an important mandate for hiring managers in technology. A solution that effectively evaluates people of different skill levels and expedites the time it takes to close open tech positions is the need of the hour.

TechGig, India’s largest online tech community of over 3.2 million members, has come with a unique solution called Code Judge.

TechGig Code Judge is a technical talent assessment platform designed by experts, one that helps tech recruiters and hiring managers to make smart and speedier hiring decisions.

Here are some of the top benefits of TechGig Code Judge for technical hiring:

Easy to deliver and administer – the Code Judge backend platform is easy to understand and operate. TechGig’s vast repository of multiple-choice questions and coding challenges can be utilized to evaluate candidates on a specific technology/programming language.

Quick TAT – One of the biggest challenges in technical hiring pertains to the time it takes from making that first call to a potential hire to not just onboarding but his/her project deployment. The interview, grading, assessment, and training are all time-consuming processes that can be eliminated by hiring from TechGig’s community of passionate and pre-assessed technical profiles available on Code Judge.

Scalable – Whether there’s a need to assess and hire 10 profiles or 100, the robust Code Judge platform is designed to be scalable for your needs. There is no dearth of talent in the TechGig community as is well demonstrated and documented through our annual hackathons like Code Gladiators and Geek Goddess. The Code Judge platform will help you ramp up your talent requirements in different technologies in the shortest possible time.

Reporting interface – Customized reports can be extracted from the Code Judge platform to determine high performers and make the right hiring decision in a timely manner. The multiple stakeholders and decision-makers in your company can view these reports anytime/anywhere and provide their invaluable inputs to the hiring managers if need be.
Preserves the sanctity of the hiring process – A top hiring concern in the online tech talent assessment format is often the use of proxies while taking the test. TechGig’s Code Judge platform addresses this challenge by Remote Proctoring that can help screen candidates from any place/ anytime.

Unbiased hiring process – Last, but not the least, one of the major challenges in technical hiring is the conscious (gender bias) and sub-conscious (affinity bias) human bias that comes in the interview process.

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