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Flutter 3 can easily be used ‘as-is’ given that it is open-source and can easily be termed as one of the most feature-rich toolkits available today. But if you wish to enhance your Flutter app development even further, then the Flutter development tools mentioned in our list are sure to prove invaluable. So without further ado, let’s get to it.


CodeMagic allows you to build, test, and deliver applications rapidly. With seamless and continuous integration that facilitates rapid builds, tests, and deployments of mobile applications, CodeMagic eliminates the need to configure your app before launching. Once you hire a Flutter app developer you can deploy Codemagic and the other tools mentioned in our list to their full potential.

Test Magic

With Test, Magic developers can test and deploy both Android and iOS applications. With the ability to deploy seamless CI/CD across connected devices. Test Magic also sports integration with CodeMagic enabling easy handling of provisioning profiles and test devices.


Count.ly is rapidly gaining popularity as an open-source product analytics solution that helps track user journeys across platforms and devices. With Count.ly, development teams can track KPI Metrics to measure performance and growth accurately.


A recent addition to the range of Flutter support tools available, Supernova enables developers to import UIs into it and then export them to Flutter to create intuitive, responsive, and highly appealing applications easily.

Supernova also facilitates synchronous runtimes of the Flutter app, enabling the inclusion of changes in real time. It also has the provision of importing a Sketch or Adobe XD file and then exporting it to Flutter with any changes made in the UI.


Yet another highly functional tool to enhance your Flutter app development project, Panache is a material editor that helps developers create material themes, customized shapes, designs and colors, and other themed elements for your app. Developers can easily export Panache’s range of themes and elements directly to your Drive folder as a .dart file.


Sylph is a leading name when it comes to open-source command-line tools. It runs comprehensive tests for both Android and iOS on cloud pools with seamless Flutter 3 code integration. Sylph runs on Windows, Mac, Linux, and CI.


With Appetize, a cross-platform mobile application development tool, users can run mobile applications in HTML/JavaScript formats on their browsers. Appetize finds usage in in-app demonstrations, training, testing, and a variety of other disciplines. With Appetize, development teams can reduce time to market and launch fast.

Adobe XD

Unveiled at Adobe’s Flutter Interact event Adobe XD facilitates the creation of stunning mobile app designs with simplistic workflows. Adobe XD’s output can be exported as a .dart file with easy inclusion in your Flutter app’s codebase.


Sharing Flutter’s Google heritage, Firebase is a leading Flutter app development platform that facilitates the unification of the back end by putting its APIs in a single SDK. In addition to developing and launching Flutter apps, Firebase also offers functionalities like instant messaging and crash reports.


Leaning more towards product intelligence rather than development ease, Amplitude allows developers to learn the usage and interaction patterns of the app’s users. With Flutter, Amplitude can offer rich data and analytics, resulting in impactful business insights.

Android Studio

Android Studio is by far the most widely used Flutter development tool. A feature-rich product IDE, Android Studio is capable of creating highly efficient applications. With features like code completion, support for editing, and syntax highlights, Android Studio leads the pack when it comes to Flutter development tools. With Android Studio, developers can create and run applications on Android emulators that can be used across devices.

Visual Studio Code

If version control, task runtimes, and debugging are what you are looking for, Visual Studio Code stands in a class of its own. An open-source code editor supports all major desktop Oss and sports features like code refactoring and embedded GIT. Another pro of Visual Code Studio is that it works perfectly with both Python and C++.


If you are sick of installing and running glitch emulators on your device, then Vysor is the way to go. With Vysor, you can share your screen simply by using a USB cable, and that too without the need for an internet connection. With Vysor, ADB access sharing is as easy as sending a link.


Screenshots function as a command-line utility that allows developers to take and share screenshots right on the stats bar. These screenshots can then further be integrated into the Flutter app being developed.

Wrapping Up

Flutter is now ruling the roost as one of the most loved software development toolkits ever. With the rapid adoption of Flutterby mobile developers worldwide and the bevy of Flutter app development tools present in the market (a large percentage of them open-source), you can now level up your development initiative with a Flutter app development company.

If you would rather want to bask in the success of your app while someone else takes care of the entire SDLC, our experts are primed and ready to be deployed to your Flutter app development project.



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